Safety and prevention, as well as the quality of assistance provided to any participants injured, are primordial for the rally organisers. This is why we believe it is important to once again explain the health measures implemented, the insurance taken out for you by the organisers, as well as the optional, but strongly recommended, cover. The aim of this is in particular to raise awareness of the scheme set up for everyone, so that you may check the synergy with your personal insurance or, failing that, take out the necessary cover.


This insurance has been implemented and taken out by the organiser for the participants (and is included in the registration fees).

A.S.O. has entrusted Mutuaide, a subsidiary of Groupama, with the implementation of the provision of assistance / repatriation service that you will benefit from during the rally in the case where bodily injury prevents you from continuing the rally, in accordance with the diagnostic of one of the doctors on the rally’s medical team.

The medical and hospital expenses incurred with the agreement of the rally’s medical director shall be borne by the organisers within the limit of € 4,500.
The expenses above this limit shall be borne by you (or by your personal insurance).

We strongly recommend that:
– You carefully read the terms of the contract set out in the attachment in order to discover the extent of the guarantees and their limits:

Download the guarantees and limits of the Assistance/Repatriation insurance taken out by the organisers

– You check the extent of your personal insurance and, should there be shortcomings, you take out extra “medical expenses” insurance to cover your medical and hospital expenses; this can be combined with personal accident insurance, which is strongly recommended.

2) THIRD-PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE: incluDED IN YOUR REGISTRATION (ATTENTION: support vehicles are not covered by this insurance)

The rally’s third-party liability insurance, taken out by the organisers for the participants, guarantees against accidental damage that your vehicle may cause to third parties.

The rally’s third-party liability insurance covers vehicles on the official route of the rally, from your passage through technical scrutineering on 15th April 2018 to, at the latest, the podium ceremony at the finish of the rally on 20th April 2018.

The vehicles must be insured locally by your own insurance policy outside this period, from your withdrawal from the race, should this occur, or for any movement outside the scope of the rally.

Private testing conducted before or concurrently to the rally, as well as dangerous driving outside selected sections, is excluded.

Download the guarantees and limits of third-party liability insurance taken out by the organisers


Participation in a rally-raid is generally excluded from all your personal insurance policies.

We suggest that you make detailed checks with your sports federations and insurers of the guarantees held and active when taking part in a sports competition.

We would like to underline the importance of having personal accident insurance with a medical expenses guarantee which, in the case of a serious accident that occurs during the rally, will allow you to receive sick pay and will guarantee the reimbursement of your medical expenses incurred in Morocco with the agreement of the rally’s medical director.


  1. – The rally organisers will bear the medical expenses incurred with the agreement of the medical director and before any repatriation within the limit of 4,500 euros. We strongly recommend that you take out further top-up personal insurance to cover any medical expenses that you may incur above the figure of € 4,500, so that you do not have to bear these expenses, which can be considerable, by yourself. In absence of personal insurance, you will be asked to sign a form on which you accept to bear any medical and hospital expenses that you may incur above the sum of € 4,500.
  2. – No secondary repatriation services shall be provided for injuries that can be treated in the country or which do not prevent you from travelling alone. We would like to remind you that the obligation to withdraw from the rally does not imply that the cost of your possible repatriation shall be borne by the organisers.

More information on personal accident insurance

This personal accident insurance as well as the medical expenses guarantee can be taken out with a broker of your choice or with Gras Savoye whose offer is featured below.

Subscribe a top-up personal accident insurance with Gras Savoye

You can contact Gras Savoye by e-mail at or by telephone on +33 472 349020.

This offer does not cover the repatriation expenses and must be taken out, if chosen, before the rally. Gras Savoye will not be in attendance at administrative scrutineering.