How much does it cost? What does the inscription include?
Check the Rates and conditions to access the Merzouga Rally 2018 rates.
/!\ The registration fees does not include transport, hotel, catering, nor compulsory fuel forfeit.

What is to win? What is the « ROAD TO DAKAR »?
Road to Dakar = 3 free registrations for the 2019 Dakar:

  • “Top of the Top”: overall winner pilot BIKE/QUAD
  • “Rookie of the year”: fastest pilot BIKE/QUAD who has never participated in the Dakar before
  • “Amazing Crew ”: fastest SxS Crew who has never participated in the Dakar before

Other prices:

  • AUTOMATIC SELECTION FOR THE DAKAR 2019: BIKE finishers (who have done the entire route without big penalties)

    – Bikes / Quads : – 1000€ EUR
    – SxS: – 1500€ EUR


Who do I pay my registration to?

A.S.O. bank account details for wire transfers:
BNP, PARIS, AG. CENTRALE ENTERPRISES (00828) – 16, Bld des italiens
RIB: 30004 00828 00025160013 76
IBAN: FR76 3000 4008 2800 0251 6001 376

Ok, I’ve decided to register, but then, when will I get more information?
After registering online you’ll automatically receive the “MERZOUGA RALLY NEWS”.
Read them carefully, as they provide all the information you need to know. One month before the race, you will receive your convocation for administrative and technical checks.
To register to the newsletters, click here
For any other question, do not hesitate to get in touch with us: concurrents@dakar.com
And in April, we will have the pleasure to meet you in the MERZOUGA RALLY !!!

What do I have to do after having completed my registration?
-find a solution to transport the vehicle to Erfoud and learn more about the customs procedures
-prepare the vehicle in conformity with the technical regulations
-book your accommodation

What are the airlines flying to Morocco?
We recommend Royal Air Maroc flights to Er Rachidia (closest airport from Merzouga) or low-cost flights to Ouarzazate, Fez or Marrakech (Easy Jet, Ryanair, ect).

I would like to share this experience with my wife and my children. Is it possible?
Of course, hotels offer many activities and guides to visit the surroundings: it’s hard to get bored.

*An “accompanist” is defined as any person who has no role in a team and cannot be considered as a mechanic/assistance (spouse (s), family …). The team managers, logisticians, mechanics, press officers, physiotherapists (etc.) will be systematically registered in the Assistance category.

Where is the accommodation? How to book the hotel?
The choice of the accommodation is free, but you have the opportunity to book in the hotels chosen by the Organization. Limited number of places.
To book or ask complementary information, make contact with vso@aso.fr

How to go from the airport to the hotel?
Available shuttle service. For any question, you can get in touch with vso@aso.fr

What documents are required to cross the border to Morocco?
You will need a passport valid at least 6 more months after the Rally. No vaccination is required.


What is the difference between the RALLY and ENDURO categories?

RALLY = Rally bike with careenage
ENDURO = Enduro bike with navigation instruments
For more details, please see the Technical Regulations

ENDURO : Authorized modifications

  • Changing the exhaust line
  • Changing wheels and rims. It is compulsory to maintain the original size. Same size for all 4 wheels

Who do I contact if I need to transport my vehicle to Morocco?
The organization of the Merzouga Rally is not involved in the transport, but many teams offer vehicle transportation services as well as assistance services. You can consult the personal advertisement section: ANNOUNCEMENTS

What documents do I need to get my car in Morocco?
Please consult the website www.douane.gov.ma, and respect the instructions for the temporary importation of vehicles. The vans / trucks transporting vehicles should provide the ATA carnet.

What requirements must I meet to register? What license do I need?
Be aged over 18 and in possession of a driving license corresponding to the cubic capacity of the vehicle, a National License “All Terrain” issued by an FNM affiliated FIM Europe + Start Permission.

How can I order the GPS UNIK 2 and Tracking System? Are the safety supports included?
GPS UNIK 2 rental and tracking system is included in the registration. All kinds of supports, antennas, power cables are not included. Order forms will be online soon.

What are the navigation instruments that are used at the Merzouga Rally?
In the Merzouga Rally are used: the trip master, road book and GPS UNIK2.

What is the required fuel autonomy?
120 km + 10% reserve