A “Road to Merzouga” on the Bassella Race 


The Spanish All Terrain Rallies Championship (CERTT) and the Merzouga Rally are teaming up for the first time this year to promote the new SxS category.

The winner of the championship by this category will win a free registration to the Merzouga Rally 2019 (3500€ value).



The Bassella Race, which is the biggest gathering of all-terrain bikes in Spain, will be hosting again the new concept created by the Merzouga Rally organizers : “Road to Merzouga” for its ninth edition. The young riders will be attempting to follow in the tracks of Roma, Coma or Barreda on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February 2018… Last year Marc Serra Jove won the prize and finished Merzouga Rally in 25 th position, just after the top pilots coming from Dakar.

In Spain, every single champion in the all-terrain motorbike world has taken part in the Bassella Race.
The first Spanish winner of the Dakar on a bike, Joan “Nani” Roma, distinguished himself on this event under its previous moniker and was naturally followed by the heirs to his throne such as Jordi Viladoms and Marc Coma. “It’s a genuine gathering of all the motorbike enthusiasts in Spain,” says the five times winner of the Dakar. “There is a unique atmosphere, because it takes place during a part of the year when it’s generally cold and the very tricky circuit means you really have to excel yourself. But more than anything, it’s a huge party, with more than one thousand bikers present over the weekend”. Among the most recent arrivals on the Dakar, Joan Barreda, Laia Sanz or Ivan
Cervantes have also been regulars on the Bassella Race. On 2nd, 3rd and 4 th of February, watching eyes will not only be on the stars of the discipline, but also on the participants in the amateur race (“Amigos”), which will host the “Road to Merzouga”. Among the 600 riders expected to start, the quickest will win his or her registration for the Merzouga Rally (15 th -20 th April 2018), which might be the first step along a very successful career path…
With the opening of registrations of the Bassella Race (, the movement is launched on the Catalan side, and the wave that leads to Merzouga should also grow on other shores. Stay tuned !

Marc Serra Jove, 2017 winner of the « Road to Merzouga »  in Bassella Race

Bunch of pilots battling Bassella Race