At the Bassella Race, the Dakar aficionados were able to meet experienced riders like Gerard Farrés, Laia Sanz, Armand Monléon or even Ivan Cervantes. In several years time, perhaps they will remember that they were there to experience the debut of Miquel García Sánchez, the quickest of the 120 competitors in the “Road to Merzouga” challenge.

The Bassella Race is the major event for Spanish bikers whose overriding passion is all-terrain racing and for its ninth edition, it attracted a growing community of riders which even beat the record for participants on the many races organised during the entire weekend: 1,500 riders of all ages and skill levels made the journey to attend. Marc Coma has previously come to the event several times to participate on his bike, but this year he was the special guest, with an especially watchful eye on the “Amigos” race which took place in the “Road to Merzouga” challenge. This race within the race is intended to help the most promising riders discover the rally-raid discipline and the winner’s prize is registration on the Merzouga Rally, whose 2018 edition will take place between 15 and 20th April. Miquel García Sánchez, from nearby Gerona, put in an authoritative performance to grab the prize which could mark the start of a new chapter in his career. A renowned endurance racer on the Spanish and international scene, Miquel can now attempt a reconversion that will lead him to the heart of the Moroccan desert in several weeks, introduce him to the knack of reading a road-book and could see him aiming – why not? – even higher… for the Dakar.