Key points:

  • The 10th edition of the Merzouga Rally —the fourth as part of the Dakar Series— is scheduled to take place from 31 March to 5 April in the desert of Morocco, near Erfoud. Amazing performances, discoveries and convivial moments will punctuate the race.
  • Registration for the rally, which puts the accent on discovering new talents, will open on 20 September. Find out more on

A rally raid always has the same ingredients, but they can be combined in a thousand different ways!
This is what the Merzouga Rally has been doing for almost a decade, exploring new formats and turning the screws on elite competitors while providing a springboard for newbies. The gambit paid off in 2018, with Joan Barreda winning the motorbike race after a fierce five-day battle with other Dakar stars. At the same time, the rally was an opportunity for young talents to gain experience and the S×S class to keep growing. The sharing spirit and friendly atmosphere were in tune with the values that bring competitors together in the Moroccan desert.
Already in its tenth edition, scheduled for 31 March to 5 April 2019, the Merzouga Rally continues to build its profile, improve sporting aspects and bolster safety conditions. The S×S class will continue growing, thanks in no small part to the launch of the UTV Open class in the 2019 Dakar. Crews will be able to join the other competitors in the evening lessons given by elite coaches.
Edo Mossi, founder of the Merzouga Rally: “If, back in 2010, someone had asked me to think of the ideal tenth edition, even with all the ambition, imagination and effort I was putting into the project at the time, I would’ve never thought I’d be at the helm of such an important, instructive and educational organisation. Working on this anniversary edition feels a bit magical. This surge of excitement and adrenaline reminds me when I was taking the start of the Dakar for the first time as a rider. We are still working with A.S.O. to make this edition even more appealing by improving the sporting aspects and making it easier for rookies to ease into the race. See you at the scrutineering on 31 March to celebrate
together the 10th anniversary of a crazy guy’s dream!”